Few Things That You Must Not Never Discuss with an Escort

Many of you must be meeting an escort for the first time and very excited to have your first encounter with her. However, there are certain things that you should not discuss with an escort.

Following are few questions that you should never ask an escort, hired from even reputed agencies like Lovesita 92 or others.

  1. Am I going to be your only customer today?

Asking this question can always put off your escort as it means the escort is not so popular with the client and no one prefers to hire her.

Also, this means that you are asking her to spend more time.

  1. Do you have any boyfriend?

All escorts usually prefer to keep their personal information confidential from their clients. Therefore, asking such question will really embarrass her.

The only time you can ask her any personal question is when she ever raises such topic by herself.

  1. Do you party?

Asking this question can always set off an alarm bell for her. Mostly people who ask this will mean if she is open to using illicit substances. All escorts know how they can have fun and would not like to confess it openly.

  1. Do you prefer to go for outings?

All escorts will take care about you and your pleasure however that is only based on their professional commitment.

Therefore, you should respect their professional boundary and avoid asking such question.

  1. Do I need to use a condom?

As these escorts indulge in sex with many different clients almost on a daily basis and therefore, they will always prefer safe sex, which is as much important for you.

In certain countries to have unprotected sex with any sex worker is considered a criminal offence.

  1. Can I skip shower?

Most escorts prefer their clients to have shower before their meeting and also it is part of their policy too. This will help both you and her to enjoy sex.

Therefore, it is a silly question to ask and therefore must be avoided.

  1. Will you give any discount?

You must understand before your meeting all the prices etc. were negotiated and agreed upon. Now asking such question will only reflect very poorly about you.

Asking such question will guarantee that next time she will never be ready to meet you and she will also give poor feedback about you to her agency.

  1. Can I take a selfie?

Taking selfie with an escort is not in the interest of both of you. Escort will prefer to hide her identity from the world and also your picture with an escort may put you in trouble in future.

So, it is better not to ask this question.

  1. Will you tell your real name to me?

This will be crossing your boundary and escort will never appreciate such question. She is here with you just to provide her time with a professional commitment.

  1. Can I add your name on social media? 

No escort will like to share their social media profile with the client and also if you find her in any private social media then you must avoid sending any friend request.

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