Five Games to Play at Home As a Couple

Even couples with a steamy relationship can appreciate playing games together. Enjoying a game as a couple allows for a bit more imagination to be used to spice things up and gives you the chance to fill a few fantasies. You know they always say “Couples that play together, stay together!” Below are a few games you can play at home as a couple เกมน่าเล่น for an extra special evening.

1. Truth or Dare – Not only does this game allow you to learn a few deep dark secrets about your partner, you also get the opportunity to dare them to do whatever you want them to do. No one can possibly turn down a dare!

2. Strip Poker – Actually, it doesn’t have to be limited to just poker. Any game can be tweaked a bit to be a strip game! Can’t pay for that hotel you landed on playing Monopoly? Guess you’ll have to take off clothes. Poker is the funnest and easiest game to play though.

3. Adult Dice – These special lover’s dice have a bit more then just numbers on them! They range from a bit daring to downright naughty, exploring levels of playful, romantic combinations. Chances are you won’t role the same thing twice but, of course, it’s always nice if you do!

4. Sex Game – There are sex games available either online or in certain boutiques that are available and a whole lot of fun for any couple to play together. You may have to perform favors, take part in role playing, etc. These are always fun to pack in the suitcase to take with on vacation too!

5. Role Playing – Nothing can beat role playing as a couple. Of course it’s always fun to surprise your partner with a costume or be spontaneous but not everyone is naturally good with spur of the moment ideas. You can keep a jar with rolled up pieces of paper in it with ideas written on that you can draw from to decide what your role playing game is going to be. You can make this a weekly game or just draw all of the papers with ideas in one long wild night. It’s always a good time to keep a few props handy like handcuffs for the police officer, glasses for the librarian and perhaps a sexy french maid costume too. The more props and outfits you add to your collection, the hotter your game can become.

It is important that you and your partner don’t get “stuck in a rut” of doing the same thing every time you’re together. You don’t have to play games of course all of the time but they add some spice in your life and allow you to explore and grow together as a couple.


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